How the idea for “Prodigy” came to life

Most of the time, my stories start with a character. That character will walk into my head and demand a story to be written around them. A few characters have been in my head for a long while now and I still haven’t found the right story for them. Believe me, I tried. I even got a few chapters down here and there, but then found that they didn’t fit into the world I had built them after all. “Prodigy” was different. It started off with a Facebook message from my friend Josh. He sent me an article about a very expensive and famous violin having been stolen in Berlin. It was just a very short article, but it somehow triggered an immediate idea.

“You know,” I remember telling my partner, “this would make for a really gripping story.”

“Prodigy” turned out to be something very different from what I first thought it would be, but it became something good and something I am damn proud of.

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