Get “Prodigy” for free

I treated myself to something special for my birthday a couple of days ago. For a few days only, I made the “Prodigy” ebook available for free. And it was magnificent.

In combination with a promo slot on BookDoggy I was able to get more than 500 downloads to date and counting. For a brief moment I even hit the “bestseller” list in Amazon’s free books section. The feeling that more than 500 people now own a copy of this story is amazing even though I know only a small percentage of them might end up reading it in the end and even fewer will review it.

If there’s just 5 people out of these 500+ who tell a friend about this book or buy it for someone else because they liked it, if there’s just 10 who decide it’s worth leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads or thestoeygraph, I will be super happy about the outcome.

If you were considering reading “Prodigy” before and feel more inclined to do so if you don’t have to spend money on it, there’s still a few hours left, so head over to Amazon and get your free ebook!

(This is the .com link but if you change .com to whatever ending your country coding has and leave everything else the way it is: it’s free everywhere).

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