Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

In a post-climate-catastrophe-world, thief Robyn discovers her talent for music whilst prodigy Akira discovers the joys and trials of real life. A story about finding your own power, defending it against the world and realizing who your true friends are.

The Empress’s Orchids

Genre: Historical Alternate Reality

Boyish, staff-wielding SuMei is one of the famous Night Dancers. Flute player ShanTian is a member of the Weaver’s Guild. Both are chosen to become part of the Empress’s Orchids, the monarch’s most trusted entourage. As the two girls begin to form a bond, their happiness is threatened when a murder happens within the palace walls.

Beyond the Veil

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

When Iowa was born, it was predicted that she’d one day kill her brother. Growing up in the Scottish lowlands as the children of a musician father and a psychic mother who offers “Yoga with your deceased”, the siblings lead a comparatively normal life. That is – until the fairies appear! A story about loyalty, family and the ties that bind us.

The Curse of the Holy Mountain

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

Villagers and Blackfoot Indians have lived in peace in the shade of the Rocky Mountains even though a curse turned some of the white settlers into vampires. Vampire Irene, who runs the local brothel, saves the life of one of the Indians after he gets shot by a group of white adventurers who are threatening the peace of the region. A story about redemption, love and friendship.

The Saint’s Dancers

Genre: Historical Alternate Reality

Fan Dancer BianHua has lived a sheltered life among the Empress’s Orchids, a group of women who serve and entertain the monarch in her palace. But BianHua carries a dangerous secret. When some of the Orchids are asked to perform for the Saint of Jieshou mountain, BianHua ceases her chance for yet another new start.


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